1951/52 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves Youth 1 Youth 2 Youth 3

Directors: James S Baker (Chairman), AH Oakley (Vice-Chairman), J Evans, CH Hunter, JH Marshall, JT Howley (Secretary).
Manager: Stan Cullis.
Trainers: Jack Dowen, Jack Gardiner, George Palmer.
Captain: Billy Wright.

Squad: Ablas, Adamson, Allen, Allsop, Arnold, Leslie Baldwin, Bill Baxter, Brian Birch, Colin Booth, H Brain, S Brain, J Broadbent, Peter Broadbent, Brookes, G Brown, Brownhill, Burgess, Burns, Butler, Cameron, Cartwright, Catterall, Ray Chatham, Cherry, Eddie Clamp, Maxie Clews, Billy Crook, Crowe, Deakin, Norman Deeley, Jimmy Dunn, Evans, Farmer, Farnell, Fay, Field, Fisher, Flowers, Forde, Gaden, Len Gibbons, Goodman, Greathead, E Greenwood, Terrence Greenwood, Griffin, Bill Guttridge, Johnny Hancocks, Harris, Hay, Heath, Heathcock, James Hewitt, Andy Hodgkiss, H Hodgkiss, Horton, Ilsley, Jakeman, Arthur Jones, Peter Jones, J Kerr, Knight, Langstone, Lewis, T Long, Gus McLean, Dave Meeson, Robert Mountford, Muir, Jimmy Mullen, Richard Neal, New, Nicol, Paley, Dennis Parsons, D Parton, Parton, Partridge, Pearce, Perry, Price, Roy Pritchard, Brian Punter, Jesse Pye, Richards, Richardson, Rouse, Peter Russell, Sammuel, Sheckles, Jack Short, Bill Shorthouse, George Showell, Silvester, Nigel Sims, Siverns, Harry Smith, K Smith, Les Smith, N Smith, Sammy Smyth, Southan, Spencer, Stiff, Ron Stockin, Strange, Eddie Stuart, Sumner, Roy Swinbourne, Taylor, Joe Thomas, Tremble, S Wainwright, Jack Walker, Wallis, Ward, Ken Whitfield, Williams, Bert Williams, Wills, Dennis Wilshaw, Wood, Billy Wright.

Awards: Billy Wright is voted FWA Footballer of the Year.

Club Finances: The club made of profit of £10,609 and the directors recommended a five percent dividend.


11 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
18 (a) Manchester City D 0-0 Details
22 (H) Derby County L 1-2 Details
25 (H) Arsenal W 2-1 Details
29 (a) Derby County W 3-1 Details


1 (a) Blackpool L 2-3 Details
8 (H) Liverpool W 2-1 Details
15 (a) Portsmouth W 3-2 Details
22 (H) Chelsea W 5-3 Details
29 (a) Huddersfield Town L 7-1 Details


6 (a) Newcastle United L 1-3 Details
13 (H) Bolton Wanderers W 5-1 Details
20 (a) Stoke City L 0-1 Details
27 (H) Manchester United L 0-2 Details


3 (a) Tottenham Hotspur L 2-4 Details
10 (H) Preston North End L 1-4 Details
17 (a) Burnley D 2-2 Details
24 (H) Charlton Athletic D 2-2 Details


1 (a) Fulham D 2-2 Details
8 (H) Middlesbrough W 4-0 Details
15 (H) Manchester City D 2-2 Details
22 (a) Arsenal D 2-2 Details
25 (a) Aston Villa D 3-3 Details
26 (H) Aston Villa L 1-2 Details
29 (H) Blackpool W 3-0 Details


1 (a) Sunderland D 1-1 Details
5 (a) Liverpool D 1-1 Details
12 (a) Manchester City D 2-2 Details [FAC3]
16 (H) Manchester City W 4-1 Details [FAC3R]
19 (H) Portsmouth D 1-1 Details
26 (a) Chelsea W 1-0 Details


2 (a) Liverpool L 1-2 Details [FAC4]
9 (H) Huddersfield Town D 0-0 Details
16 (H) Newcastle United W 3-0 Details
23 (H) Sunderland L 0-3 Details


1 (a) Bolton Wanderers D 2-2 Details
8 (H) Stoke City W 3-0 Details
15 (a) Manchester United L 0-2 Details
19 (H) Inter Services Match Details
22 (H) Tottenham Hotspur D 1-1 Details
29 (a) Preston North End L 0-3 Details


5 (H) Burnley L 1-2 Details
12 (a) Charlton Athletic L 0-1 Details
14 (a) West Bromwich Albion L 1-2 Details
15 (H) West Bromwich Albion L 1-4 Details
19 (H) Fulham D 2-2 Details
26 (a) Middlesbrough L 0-4 Details


2 (a) Aldershot L 2-5 Details [Friendly]
3 (H) Sunderland M-M