1986/87 Today League Fourth Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves Youth

President: Sir Jack Hayward OBE.

Directors: Dick Homden (chairman, appointed director 19 August 1986), Jack Harris (appointed 19 August 1986), Keith Pearson (Secretary & Accountant), Christopher Alexander (resigned 14 August 1986).

Managers: Sammy Chapman (to 15 August), Brian Little (caretaker), Graham Turner (from 7 October).
Coaches: Geoff Palmer & Gary Pendrey.
Captains: Floyd Streete, Peter Zelem, Barry Powell, Ally Robertson.

Playing Staff: David Barnes, Scott Barrett, Vince Bartram, Nicholas Birch, Martyn Briggs, Chris Brindley, Steve Bull, David Butler, Russell Caldicott, Matthew Carroll, Brian Caswell, Anthony Clarke, Nicky Clarke, Jason Colbourne, Robbie Dennison, Stewart Derbyshire, Paul Dougherty, Chris Dowen, Ian Duncan, Carl Dwyer, Dean Edwards, Neil Edwards, Roger Eli, Stuart Evans, Paul Fairclough, Neville Fennell, Mark Fletcher, Tim Flowers, Matt Forman, Ian Gasper, Paul Grainger, Tony Haddon, Ian Handysides, Neil Harrison, Darrell Haytree, Matt Hellin, David Heywood, Micky Holmes, John James, Carl Jenkins, Robert Kelly, Mark Kendall, Lee Keough, Ashley Lander, Stuart Leeding, Neil Lewis, Keith Lockhart, Andy Mutch, Eric Nixon, Darren Oldroyd, Nicholas O’Neill, Steve Owen, Geoff Palmer, Barry PowellJon Purdie, David Reid, Ally Robertson, Derek Ryan, Kris Sleeuwenoek, David Smith, Mark Smith, Steve Stoutt, Floyd Streete, Paul Tesh, Andy Thompson, Russell Turley, Dave Weale, Peter Williams, Richard Wood, Richard Woolley, Peter Zelem.

Player of the Season: Steve Stoutt.

Club Finances: The club owe approximately £1,600,000 and call in the received for the second time in four years in May 1986. Wolves were given until the end of July to satisfy creditors by the High Court and on 31 July was extended to 23 August. On 15 August Jack Harris took over the running of the club and became chairman. Ex Birmingham City Vice Chairman Dick Homden joins the consortium. On the same day the Received sack manager Sammy Chapman, Secretary Keith Pearson and groundsman Bill Philbeam. Statement from the Receivers said that contracts had been signed with the council for the sale of the clubs properties and that the assets had been handed to midland constructors JJ Gallagher to develop a supermarket for ASDA an adjacent land owned by the council. (The Council bought the ground and the Gallagher paid of the debts). Directors are Dick Homden, Jack Harris and Keith Pearson. Sir Jack Hayward took on the club presidency. The decision brings to an end, the four-year reign of the Bhatti Brothers.


28 (a) Stafford Rangers W 2-1 Details [Friendly]
30 (a) Southport W 2-1 Details [Friendly]


5 (a) Telford United L 2-3 Details [Friendly]
8 (H) Shrewsbury Town D 0-0 Details [Friendly]
11 (a) Bilston Town W 1-0 Details [Friendly]
13 (H) Southampton D 1-1 Details [Friendly]
23 (H) Cambridge United L 1-2 Details
26 (H) Lincoln City L 1-2 Details [FLC1/1]
30 (a) Aldershot W 2-1 Details


2 (a) Lincoln City W 1-0 Details [FLC1/2]
6 (H) Cardiff City L 0-1 Details
13 (a) Crewe Alexandra D 1-1 Details
15 (a) Stockport County W 2-0 Details
20 (H) Burnley L 0-1 Details
27 (a) Northampton Town L 1-2 Details
30 (H) Preston North End W 1-0 Details


5 (a) Scunthorpe United W 2-0 Details
11 (H) Tranmere Rovers W 2-1 Details
18 (a) Swansea City L 0-1 Details
21 (H) Halifax Town L 1-2 Details
25 (H) Orient W 3-1 Details
31 (a) Colchester United L 0-3 Details


4  (H) Rochdale D 0-0 Details
8  (a) Torquay United W 2-1 Details
15 (a) Chorley D 1-1 Details [FAC1]
18 (H) Chorley D 1-1 Details [FAC1R]
22 (H) Wrexham L 0-3 Details
24 (a) Chorley L 0-3 Details [FAC1R]
29 (a) Lincoln City L 0-3 Details


2 (a) Cardiff City W 1-0 Details [FRTp]
13 (a) Hartlepool United W 1-0 Details
16 (H) Bournemouth W 4-3 Details [FRTp]
20 (H) Southend United L 1-2 Details
26 (a) Hereford United L 0-2 Details
27 (H) Exeter City D 2-2 Details


1 (H) Peterborough United L 0-3 Details
3 (a) Wrexham D 0-0 Details
10 (a) Cambridge United D 0-0 Details
17 (H) Aldershot P-P
24 (a) Cardiff City W 2-0 Details
26 (H) Hereford United L 0-1 Details [FRT1]
31 (H) Crewe Alexandra L 2-3 Details


7 (H) Stockport County W 3-1 Details
14 (a) Burnley W 5-2 Details
17 (H) Aldershot W 3-0 Details
21 (H) Northampton Town D 1-1 Details
28 (a) Preston North End D 2-2 Details


3 (H) Colchester United W 2-0 Details
7 (a) Orient L 1-3 Details
14 (H) Swansea City W 4-0 Details
17 (a) Halifax Town W 4-3 Details
21 (a) Tranmere Rovers W 1-0 Details
28 (H) Scunthorpe United W 1-0 Details


4 (H) Torquay United W 1-0 Details
11  (a) Rochdale W 3-0 Details
18 (a) Peterborough United W 1-0 Details
20 (H) Hereford United W 1-0 Details
24 (a) Southend United L 0-1 Details


2 (H) Lincoln City W 3-0 Details
4 (a) Exeter City W 3-1 Details
9 (H) Hartlepool United W 4-1 Details
14 (a) Colchester United W 2-0 Details [POsf1]
17 (H) Colchester United D 0-0 Details [POsf2]
22 (a) Aldershot L 0-2 Details [POf1]
25 (H) Aldershot L 0-1 Details [POf2]