1959/60 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves Youth 1 Youth 2 Youth 3

Directors: James S Baker (Chairman), CH Hunter (Vice-Chairman), JH Ireland, JH Marshall, WC Sproson, JT Howley (Secretary)
Manager: Stan Cullis
Trainers: Jack Dowen, Jack Gardiner, Bill Shorthouse, George Palmer
Chief Coach: Harry Potts
Captains: Eddie Stuart & Bill Slater.

Playing Staff Badger, Ball, Cyril Beavon, Robert Beebee, Beechey, Blenkinsopp, Colin Booth, Michael Booth, Stephen Bradshaw, Ray Brennan, Peter Broadbent, Charles Brodie, John Burke, Capel, Carter, Chopper Clamp, Peter Clark, Clarke, Les Cocker, Victor Cockroft, Jimmy Conde, Michael Connolly, Terry Cooper, John Cullen, Fred Davies, Norman Dean, Norman Deeley, Maurice Donaghy, Dougherty, Robert Drake, Cliff Durandt, Eric Edwards, Edwards, Ted Farmer, Malcolm Finlayson, Tony Fleming, Ron Flowers, Clive Ford, John Galley, Gethin, Glover, Freddie Goodwin, Ron Groves, Guest, Harper, Colin Harrington, Gerry Harris, Johnny Harris, Hewitt, Alan Hinton, Kenneth Hodge, Arthur Hodgetts, Des Horne, Richard Hurst, Graham Jones, Gwyn Jones, John Keddie, James Kelly, Frederick Kemp, John Kirkham, Ken Knighton, Know, Peter Knowles, Maurice Kyle, Brian Ledsham, Mickey Lill, Gerry Mannion, Bobby Mason, Joe McBride, James McCracken, Tommy McMullen, Harry Middleton, Mullen, Jimmy Murray, Graham Newton, J Newton, S Nicholls, David Oliphant, Granville Palin, Brian Perry, Poulton, Vic Povey, Price, Prime, David Pugh, Dave Read, Reason, Tony Reed, Trevor Roberts, John Ross, Stanley Round, Bobby Saxton, Seymour, Shanley, Robert Sharrock, George Showell, Geoff Sidebottom, Kenny Sill, Bill Slater, Speed, Stanley, Stevenson, Barry Stobart, Eddie Stuart, A Taylor, Brian Taylor, Colin Tether, Bobby Thomson, Watson, Terry Wharton, Robert Wickett, Williams, Bob Wilson, Ken Wimshurst, David Woodfield, Wright.

Awards: Bill Slater is voted FWA ‘Player of the Year’.

Club Finances: Wolves made a profit of £4,609 for the season. It’s the eleventh consecutive profitable season but the lowest since the war. The club income was £111,431.

Floodlights: As the club were upgrading the lights, they sold the old ones to Blackpool (£6,000). Blackpool had hoped they would be installed by the start of the new season. Unfortunately, it was found they were unsuitable and were sold on.


8 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
15 (H) Nottingham Forest W 3-1 Details [CS]
22 (a) Birmingham City W 1-0 Details
26 (H) Sheffield Wednesday W 3-1 Details
29 (H) Arsenal D 3-3 Details


2 (a) Sheffield Wednesday D 2-2 Details
5 (a) Manchester City W 6-4 Details
9 (a) Fulham L 1-3 Details
12 (H) Blackburn Rovers W 3-1 Details
16 (H) Fulham W 9-0 Details
19 (a) Blackpool L 1-3 Details
26 (H) Everton W 2-0 Details
30 (a) ASK Vorwarts L 1-2 Details [ECp/1]


3 (a) Luton Town W 5-1 Details
7 (H) ASK Vorwarts W 2-0 Details [ECp/2]
10 (a) Tottenham Hotspur L 1-5 Details
12 (a) Celtic W 2-0 Details [Friendly]
17 (H) Manchester United W 3-2 Details
24 (a) Preston North End L 3-4 Details
31 (H) Newcastle United W 2-0 Details


7 (a) Burnley L 1-4 Details
11 (a) Red Star Belgrade D 1-1 Details [EC1/1]
14 (H) Leeds United W 4-2 Details
21 (a) West Ham United L 2-3 Details
24 (H) Red Star Belgrade W 3-0 Details [EC1/2]
28 (H) Chelsea W 3-1 Details


5 (a) West Bromwich Albion W 1-0 Details
12 (H) Leicester City L 0-3 Details
19 (H) Birmingham City W 2-0 Details
26 (a) Bolton Wanderers L 1-2 Details
28 (H) Bolton Wanderers L 0-1 Details


2 (a) Arsenal D 4-4 Details
9 (a) Newcastle United D 2-2 Details [FAC3]
13 (H) Newcastle United W 4-2 Details [FAC3R]
16 (H) Manchester City W 4-2 Details
23 (a) Blackburn Rovers W 1-0 Details
30 (H) Charlton Athletic W 2-1 Details [FAC4]


6 (H) Blackpool D 1-1 Details
10 (a) Barcelona L 0-4 Details [EC2/1]
13 (a) Everton W 2-0 Details
20 (a) Luton Town W 4-1 Details [FAC5]
23 (H) Luton Town W 3-2 Details
27 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 3-1 Details


2 (H) Barcelona L 2-5 Details [EC2/2]
5 (a) Manchester United W 2-0 Details
9 (H) Services Details
12 (a) Leicester City W 2-1 Details [FAC6]
16 (H) Preston North End D 3-3 Details
19 (a) Leicester City L 1-2 Details
26 (N) Aston Villa W 1-0 Details [FACsf]
30 (H) Burnley W 6-1 Details


2 (a) Leeds United W 3-0 Details
9 (H) West Ham United P-P
11 (H) West Ham United W 5-0 Details
16 (a) Newcastle United L 0-1 Details
18 (H) Nottingham Forest W 3-1 Details
19 (a) Nottingham Forest D 0-0 Details
23 (H) Tottenham Hotspur L 1-3 Details
30 (a) Chelsea W 5-1 Details


7 (N) Blackburn Rovers W 3-0 Details [FACf]