1898/99 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves

President: Sir Alfred Hickman MP; Vice-president: Charles Mander.

Committee: A Hollingworth (Chairman); JB Brodie, S Craddock, AJ Evans, Laurence, GG Harness, A Jeffs, W Shepherd, Taylor, Whitworth.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainers: Albert Fletcher.
Captain: Hillary Griffiths.

Playing Staff: Billy Annis, Tom Baddeley, Billy Beats, Joseph Blackett, John Bryan, Andrew Callow, Jack Chadburn, David Charley, Daft, Jock Dailly, Harry Davies, Michael Davies, Dick Davies, Hall Drinkwater, William Evans, George Fleming, Hill Griffiths, Thomas Hampton, George Harper, George Harris, Bert Hollins, Joseph Jones, Thomas Jones, Alex Latchford, Horatio Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Billy Malpass, Jack Matthias, Joe McMain, Jack Miller, Dan Nurse, Trevor Owen, Ed Pheasant, Fred Platt, Ernest Smart, Jack Smith, Billy Smith, Jimmy Stringer, William Tiler, Joseph Tomlinson, Jack Tonks, Bill Tuft, George Walker, Thomas Warren, Tommy Worton, George Wright.

FA Cup: On 6 October Molineux Hotel hosted the Area 6 & 7 draw for the qualifying round. 

Note: The biggest crowd at Molineux in 1899 was the 30,000 that attended the Amatuer Athletic Champions on 1 July. It was very much an international event, as swell as the home nations competing,  competitors came from the United States and New Zealand. It was at the time the most prestigious championships to be held in Wolverhampton. [Report]

Club Finances: Total Receipts £5,513 5s 11d; Expenditure £5,729 8s 5d; Loss £440 17s 6d.


18 (H) Pre-Season Practice Match Details
27 (H) Pre-Season Practice Match Details


3 (a) Newcastle United W 4-2 Details
7 (a) Bristol St George L 1-2 Details [Friendly]
10 (H) Preston North End D 0-0 Details
12 (a) Sheffield United L 0-1 Details
17 (a) Liverpool L 0-1 Details
19 (H) Burton Swifts W 4-1 Details [BCC1]
24 (H) Nottingham Forest L 0-2 Details
26 (a) Aston Villa L 1-4 Details [BCCsf]


1 (a) Bolton Wanderers L 1-2 Details
3 (H) Aston Villa L 1-2 Details [Friendly]
8 (H) Derby County D 2-2 Details
10 (H) Small Heath D 1-1 Details [SCp]
15 (a) West Bromwich Albion W 2-1 Details
22 (H) Blackburn Rovers W 2-1 Details
24 (a) Small Heath L 4-6 Details [SCpR]
29 (a) The Wednesday L 0-3 Details


5 (H) Sunderland W 2-0 Details
12 (H) Bury L 1-2 Details
19 (a) Everton L 1-2 Details
21 (a) Oxford University W 1-0 Details [Friendly]
26 (H) Notts County W 1-0 Details


3 (a) Stoke W 4-2 Details
10 (a) Aston Villa D 1-1 Details
17 (a) Burnley L 2-4 Details
19 (H) Loughborough W 11-0 Details [BC1]
24 (H) Sheffield United W 4-1 Details
27 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 5-1 Details
31 (H) Newcastle United D 0-0 Details


7 (a) Preston North End L 1-2 Details
14 (H) Liverpool D 0-0 Details
16 (a) West Bromwich Albion W 7-0 Details [BC2]
21 (a) Nottingham Forest L 0-3 Details
28 (H) Bolton Wanderers D 0-0 Details [FAC1]


1 (a) Bolton Wanderers W 1-0 Details [FAC1R]
4 (a) Derby County L 2-6 Details
11 (a) Derby County L 1-2 Details [FAC2]
18 (a) Blackburn Rovers D 2-2 Details
25 (H) The Wednesday D 0-0 Details


4 (a) Sunderland L 0-3 Details
6  (H) Aston Villa L 1-2 Details [BCsf]
11 (a) Bury P-P
14 (a) Bury W 2-0 Details
14 (H) Birmingham Cup Details
18 (H) FA Cup Details
18 (H) Everton P-P
25 (a) Notts County W 2-0 Details


1 (H) Stoke W 3-2 Details
3 (H) Aston Villa W 4-0 Details
4 (H) Bolton Wanderers W 1-0 Details
15 (H) Burnley W 4-0 Details
29 (H) Everton L 1-2 Details