1922/23 Second Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves
President: Brigadier General TE Hickman.

Directors: Mr Ernest Baker (Chairman), G Holley, Major AJ Holloway, Albert J Hoskins, AH Oakley, TW Simpson.
Secretary Manager: George Jobey.
Trainers: Elijah Moore, Jack Davies, George Holley.
Captain: George Getgood.

Playing Staff: Dickie Baugh, Leslie Bellamy, Bobby Best, George Bissett, Alfred Blenko, George Brewster, John Bridgens, Frank Burrill, Clarence Caddick, Bill Caddick, Ted Carter, Sydney Coller, Joseph Cooper, Tommy Davison, Ernest Dunn, George Edmonds, Stanley Fazackerley, John Fearn, Noel George, George Getgood, Samuel Goodby, Val Gregory, Jack Hampton, Harry Hargreaves, Emanuel Hatton, Joe Hodnett, Kenneth Hunt, Fred Imberry, Albert Kay, Walter Langford, Harry Lees, Albert Legge, Joseph Marsh, George Marshall, Clifford Matthews, Williams Matthews, Bill McCall, Stuart McMillan, Hector Moseley, Arthur Moss, Percy Newell, Stephen Osborne, Parker, Pearson, Albert Picken, Francis Pickering, John Potter, Cecil Price, Leonard Rhodes, Alf Riley, Albert Thomas, Lee Tuckley, Arthur Wakefield, David Ward, Ted Watson, Lawrence Webb, Ernie Whatmore, Edward White, Jack White, Charles Williams, Francis Wragge, Robert Yates.

Club Structure: 28 March 1923 – ‘The first step in the proposed reconstruction of the club was taken, when an extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders of the club, held at the Molineux Hotel, gave the directors the necessary sanction to proceed with their plans. The proposal placed before the meeting was the appointment of a trustee of a new company which it is proposed to form, with whom the Board should be empowered to enter into an agreement for the sale of the assets of the company at a price to be mutually agreed upon, the understanding being that the new company will take over any outstanding financial liability. It is understood that the new capital will be offered to the public for subscription, and if this meets with a successful response, representatives of the new subscription will discuss with the present Board plans for the coming season’. 29 May 1923 – It is announced the new compony Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (1923) Ltd have a working capital of £30,000 and have three directors with more to be announced E Barker, A Holloway and TW Simpson. 19 July 1923 – ‘The appointment of the new directorate of the club was the principal business dealt with at the first meeting of the shareholders of the company.
Mr W T Simpson, who was appointed to the chair, announced that in addition to himself, Messrs A Oakley, AJ Barker and Major Holloway had been appointed to the board, to carry out the formation of the new company. At a later meeting the clubs directors are confirmed as Mr Ernest Baker (chairman), JS Baker, G Holley, FT Hollins, Major AJ Holloway, Albert J Hoskins, H Mills, AH Oakley, TW Simpson; After considerable discussion, it was decided to appoint the additional members for which there were no few then eleven nominations. The chairman remarked that only 6,185 shares had been taken up, an announcement which was greeted with cries of ‘’shame’’. Mr Simpson added that they were expecting a substantial increase when they got to work.


19 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
26 (H) Derby County L 0-1 Details
28 (a) Fulham L 0-2 Details


2 (a) Derby County D 1-1 Details
4 (H) Fulham D 0-0 Details
9 (H) Manchester United L 0-1 Details
16 (a) Manchester United L 0-1 Details
23 (H) Bury D 1-1 Details
30 (a) Bury L 0-3 Details


7 (H) Rotherham County W 3-2 Details
14 (a) Rotherham County L 2-3 Details
21 (H) Southampton D 0-0 Details
28 (a) Southampton L 0-3 Details


4 (a) Stockport County D 1-1 Details
11 (H) Stockport County W 3-1 Details
18 (a) Notts County L 1-4 Details
25 (H) Notts County W 1-0 Details


2 (a) Leeds United L 0-1 Details
9 (H) Leeds United L 0-1 Details
16 (H) West Ham United L 1-4 Details
23 (a) West Ham United L 0-1 Details
25 (a) Coventry City L 1-7 Details
26 (H) Coventry City L 1-2 Details
29 (a) Ellesmere Port W 1-0 Details [Friendly]
30 (H) South Shields W 1-0 Details


6 (a) South Shields D 1-1 Details
13 (a) Merthyr Town W 1-0 Details [FAC1]
20 (H) Clapton Orient L 1-3 Details
27 (a) Clapton Orient L 1-4 Details


3 (H) Liverpool L 0-2 Details [FAC2]
10 (a) Bradford City D 1-1 Details
17 (H) Blackpool L 3-4 Details
19 (H) Bradford City W 4-1 Details
24 (a) Blackpool L 1-3 Details


3 (H) Leicester City L 1-2 Details
10 (a) Leicester City L 0-7 Details
17 (a) Barnsley L 0-1 Details
24 (H) Barnsley D 3-3 Details
30 (a) Port Vale L 0-1 Details
31 (a) Wednesday L 0-1 Details


2 (H) Port Vale W 3-0 Details
7 (H) Wednesday W 2-0 Details
10 (H) Trial Details
14 (a) Hull City D 0-0 Details
21 (H) Hull City P-P
23 (H) Hull City W 3-0 Details
25 (a) Ebbw Vale D 1-1 Details [Friendly]
28 (a) Crystal Palace L 0-5 Details


5 (H) Crystal Palace W 1-0 Details