1894/95 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves
President: Sir Alfred Hickman MP.

Committee: A Hollingsworth (Chairman), L Johnson, GW Walker, S Craddock, JB Brodie, TH Sidney, TB Adams, W Ault, BB Nock, JJ Tate.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainer: Jack Lewis, Albert Fletcher.
Captain: Hillary Griffiths.

Playing Staff: Emmanuel Bastable, Ed Battle, Dick Baugh, Joseph Beattie, Jock Bell, David Black, Albert Brocksopp, Walter Bunch, Joseph Butcher, C Crump, Tommy Dunn, Robert Edge, W Ellis, Ellis, George Fleming, Tommy Green, Arthur Griffin, Hill Griffiths, Griffiths, Jock Hamilton, Hartley, Joe Hassall, Harry Haynes, James Jones, Ed Kererdins, Franklyn Lester, Billy Malpass, Jack Miller, J Myatt, Dan Nurse, D Peers, Charles Reynolds, Jack Roberts, David Robson, Billy Smith, John Smout, John Swallow, Jack Tonks, Tranter, William Wesley, John Wilkes, Joseph Wilson, Wolverson, Harry Wood, David Wykes,

Club Finances: The club earnings for the 1894/95 season were £2,592; Total Gate Receipts: £2,740; Overall Deficit: £333.

FA Cup: On the 18 March, Wolves attended an Football Association meeting where they offered to host the 1895 FA Cup final. Both finalists Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion were in favour but the Association had already agree with Crystal Palace for the final to take place in south London. It was the first ever final held at the The Palace Grounds.


15 (H) Pre-Season Practice Match Details
18 (H) Pre-Season Practice Match Details


1 (H) Preston North End L 1-3 Details
3 (H) Sheffield United L 0-3 Details
8 (a) West Bromwich Albion L 1-5 Details
15 (H) Small Heath W 2-1 Details
22 (a) Burnley L 1-2 Details
24 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 1-2 Details [Friendly]
29 (H) Liverpool W 3-1 Details


1 (H) Aston Villa W 4-2 Details [Friendly]
6 (a) Small Heath L 3-4 Details
13 (H) The Wednesday W 2-0 Details
20 (a) Preston North End L 0-2 Details
22 (a) West Bromwich Albion W 1-0 Details [Friendly]
27 (H) Bolton Wanderers W 4-2 Details


3 (a) Sunderland L 0-2 Details
6 (a) Oxford University L 1-4 Details [Friendly]
10 (H) Nottingham Forest D 1-1 Details
17 (a) The Wednesday L 1-3 Details
19 (a) Aston Villa D 2-2 Details [Friendly]
24 (H) Stoke D 0-0 Details


1 (a) Liverpool D 3-3 Details
8 (H) Derby County D 2-2 Details
15 (a) Bolton Wanderers L 1-6 Details
22 (H) Aston Villa L 0-4 Details
26 (H) Burnley W 1-0 Details
27 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 3-1 Details
29 (a) Stoke A Details


5 (H) Everton W 1-0 Details
12 (H) Sunderland L 1-4 Details
14 (a) Stoke P-P
19 (a) Sheffield United L 0-1 Details
26 (a) Derby County W 3-1 Details


2 (a) Darwen D 0-0 Details [FAC1]
4 (a) Stoke D 0-0 Details
6 (H) Darwen W 2-0 Details [FAC1R]
16 (H) Stoke W 2-0 Details [FAC2]
18 (H) Aston Villa L 1-2 Details [Friendly]
23 (H) Blackburn Rovers D 3-3 Details
25 (a) Small Heath D 3-3 Details [BC2]


2 (a) West Bromwich Albion L 0-1 Details [FAC3]
4 (a) Stoke W 2-1 Details [SC2]
6 (a) Small Heath L 2-3 Details [BC2R]
14 (H) County Cup Details
16 (H) Loughborough D 2-2 Details [Friendly]
18 (a) Aston Villa W 2-1 Details [SCsf]
23 (a) Blackburn Rovers L 1-5 Details
25 (H) Aston Villa L 0-2 Details [BCCsf]
30 (a) Walsall Town Swifts W 2-1 Details [Friendly]


6 (N) Burton Wanderers D 1-1 Details [SCf]
8 (a) Everton L 1-2 Details
13 (a) Nottingham Forest W 2-0 Details
15 (a) Aston Villa D 2-2 Details
16 (a) Bristol & District XI W 6-3 Details [Friendly]
18 (a) Shrewsbury Town W 3-1 Details [Friendly]
22 (a) Luton Town L 0-2 Details [Friendly]
27 (a) London Caledonians W 3-0 Details [Friendly]
29 (N) Burton Wanderers L 0-2 Details [SCfR]