1895/96 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves

President: Sir Alfred Hickman MP.

Committee: Mr A Hollingsworth (Chairman), TH Sydney, L Johnson, Others Unknown.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainers: Jack Lewis, Albert Fletcher.
Captain: Harry Wood.

Playing Staff: Adey, Emmanuel Bastable, Dick Baugh, Billy Beats, G Beats, David Black, Walter Bunch, Compston, Tommy Dunn, Robert Edge, Ellis, George Fleming, Herbert Flewker, W Glover, Thomas Grainger, Tommy Green, Arthur Griffin, Hill Griffiths, Griffiths, Joe Hassall, Charlie Henderson, Thomas Johnson, Billy Malpass, Jack Miller, Newns, Dan Nurse, Billy Owen, Ted Parkinson, Ed Pheasant, Robert Robinson, Billy Rose, Billy Smith, John Smout, John Swallow, George Swift, Billy Tennant, Jack Tonks, Dick Topham, Bill Tuft, Chas Weaver, Weaver, Amos Whitehouse, Harry Wood, Tommy Worton, David Wykes.

Note: During the summer of 1896 Wolves took full ownership of the Molineux Hotel on a seven year lease.

Club Finances: Total Gate Receipts: £4,606; The club made an overall profit of £231.


20 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
24 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details


2 (H) Burnley W 5-1 Details
7 (a) Preston North End L 3-4 Details
9 (a) Burslem Port Vale W 6-1 Details [Friendly]
14 (H) The Wednesday W 4-0 Details
16 (H) West Bromwich Albion D 2-2 Details [Friendly]
21 (a) Sunderland D 2-2 Details
23 (a) Stafford Rangers W 4-3 Details [Friendly]
28 (H) Everton L 2-3 Details


5 (H) Stoke W 1-0 Details
12 (a) The Wednesday L 1-3 Details
19 (H) Sheffield United W 4-1 Details
26 (a) Derby County L 2-5 Details


2 (a) Everton L 0-2 Details
5 (a) Oxford University W 3-1 Details [Friendly]
9 (a) Blackburn Rovers L 1-3 Details
16 (H) Derby County W 2-0 Details
23 (a) Stoke L 1-4 Details
25 (H) Aston Villa W 4-1 Details [Friendly]
30 (a) West Bromwich Albion L 1-2 Details


7 (a) London Welsh W 5-1 Details [Friendly]
14 (H) Blackburn Rovers L 1-2 Details
21 (H) Preston North End W 2-1 Details
26 (H) Aston Villa L 1-2 Details
27 (H) Sunderland L 1-3 Details


4 (a) Bolton Wanderers L 0-4 Details
13 (a) Aston Villa L 2-4 Details [SC1]
18 (a) Small Heath L 2-3 Details
20 (a) Sheffield United L 0-2 Details [BC1]
25 (H) Small Heath W 7-2 Details


1 (H) Notts County D 2-2 Details [FAC1]
5 (a) Notts County W 4-3 Details [FAC1R]
8 (a) Sheffield United L 1-2 Details
15 (H) Liverpool W 2-0 Details [FAC2]
18 (a) Bury L 0-3 Details
22 (a) Burnley L 1-3 Details
29 (H) Stoke W 3-0 Details [FAC3]


7  (H) West Bromwich Albion L 1-2 Details
14 (a) Reading W 2-0 Details [Friendly]
21 (N) Derby County W 2-1 Details [FACsf]
28 (H) Nottingham Forest W 6-1 Details


4 (a) Nottingham Forest L 2-3 Details
6 (a) Aston Villa L 1-4 Details
7 (H) Bury W 1-0 Details
11 (H) Bolton Wanderers W 5-0 Details
18 (N) The Wednesday L 1-2 Details [FACf]