1955/56 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves Youth 1 Youth 2 Youth 3

Directors: James S Baker (Chairman), AH Oakley (Vice-Chairman), J Ireland, CH Hunter, JH Marshall, JT Howley (Secretary).
Manager: Stan Cullis
Trainers: Jack Dowen, Jack Gardiner, George Palmer
Captain: Billy Wright.

Playing Squad: Peter Adams, Allsop, Ron Atkinson, Edward Bagley, Alan Bagnall, Joseph Baillie, Ball, Ivan Bate, Terence Bates, John Bayliss, Cyril Beavon, James Benton, Frank Bolton, Joe Bonson, Colin Booth, Colin Bridgwater, Peter Broadbent, Leslie Brookes, Brown, R Burden David Cadman, Richard Calvert, Frederick Carrier, Castello, Brian Charlton, Eddie Clamp, Peter Clark, Clarke, Joseph Cooper, Corbeg, Ronald Corbett, Brian Cottam, Harold Cox, Saunders Cunningham, Daniel, Dennis Davies, Anthony Deakin, Norman Deeley, Demetriou, David Dudley, Noel Dwyer, John Edwards, Evans, Flanaghan, Frank, Ron Flowers, Derek Ford, Ernest Franks, French, Terry Greaves, Green, Maurice Groves, Guttridge, Derek Hall, Ian Hall, Halldearn, Johnny Hancocks, Widlr Harris, Harvey, Martin Harwood, John Hayward, Dennis Hickman, Higgin, Hill, Hobbis, Harry Hooper, Thomas Horsnett, Howell, Ron Howells, John Hughes, John Instone, Alan Jackson, Leslie Jacobs, Jackson, F Jones, Gwyn Jones, G Jones, Jordan, Keoghan, Maurice Kyle, Paul Lampitt, Lavery, Mickey Lill, Charlie Livesey, Lovery, Maine, Bobby Mason, May, Tommy McDonald, Gerald McParland, Harry Middleton, Jimmy Mullen, Jimmy Murray, Nash, Norton, Albert Ogden, James Ogden, Orton, Owen, Mervyn Parsonage, Derek Parton, Sidney Perry, John Phillips, Alan Pillinger, Roy Poole, Pugh, Rex Rainey, John Redding, Kenneth Reece, John Reynolds, Kenneth Rhodes, Brian Roberts, Stanley Round, Philip Rowe, Peter Russell, Edmund Ryan, Saxon, Bill Shorthouse, George Showell, Geoff Sidebottom, Nigel Sims, Slack, Ray Slater, Bill Slater Smethhurst, Les Smith, Lionel Stephenson, Barry Stobart, Eddie Stuart, Edward Swift, Roy Swinbourne, Doug Taylor, Colin Tether, John Thomas, John Thompson, Bobby Thomson, Frank Thurston, John Timmins, Walter Tomlinson, Geffrey Trickett, Trumper, John Turley, Upton, Gordon Vine, Keith Wade, Keith Wain, William Wainwright, Thomas Walmsley, I Walton, Anthony Ward, James Watton, Wensley, Trevor Westwood, Bernard While, White, Roy Wickers, Barry Widdowson, Bert Williams, Dennis Wilshaw, Worrall, Worton, Wotton, Laurence Wright, Billy Wright, Gordon Yates.

Club Finances: Profit of £10,563 was made and a five percent dividend was approved.

Director Changes: In June 1955 Vice Chairman Mr Arthur Oakley is elected as president of the Football League. He had been a member of the International Selectors Committee for several years. Also Mr James Evans resigns his position with the club during the summer and is replaced by Town Councillor John Ireland.


7 (a) Spartak Moscow L 0-3 Details [Friendly]
12 (a) Dynamo Moscow L 2-3 Details [Friendly]
20 (a) West Bromwich Albion D 1-1 Details
24 (a) Portsmouth L 1-2 Details
27 (H) Manchester City W 7-2 Details
31 (H) Portsmouth W 3-1 Details


3 (a) Cardiff City W 9-1 Details
10 (H) Huddersfield Town W 4-0 Details
17 (a) Blackpool L 1-2 Details
24 (H) Chelsea W 2-1 Details


1 (a) Bolton Wanderers L 1-2 Details
8 (a) Manchester United L 3-4 Details
15 (H) Sheffield United W 3-2 Details
22 (a) Newcastle United L 1-3 Details
29 (H) Birmingham City W 1-0 Details


5 (a) Luton Town L 1-5 Details
9 (H) Dynamo Moscow W 2-1 Details [Friendly]
12 (H) Charlton Athletic W 2-0 Details
19 (a) Tottenham Hotspur L 1-2 Details
26 (H) Everton W 1-0 Details


3 (a) Preston North End L 1-2 Details
10 (H) Burnley W 3-1 Details
17 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 3-2 Details
24 (a) Manchester City D 2-2 Details
26 (H) Arsenal D 3-3 Details
27 (a) Arsenal D 2-2 Details
31 (H) Cardiff City L 0-2 Details


2 (a) Sunderland D 1-1 Details
7 (H) West Bromwich Albion L 1-2 Details [FAC3]
14 (a) Huddersfield Town W 3-1 Details
21 (H) Blackpool L 2-3 Details
28 (H) San Lorenzo W 5-1 Details [Friendly]


4 (a) Chelsea W 3-2 Details
6 (a) Notts County P-P [Friendly]
11 (H) Bolton Wanderers W 4-2 Details
18 (H) Manchester United L 0-2 Details
25 (a) Sheffield United P-P Details


3 (H) Tottenham Hotspur P-P Details
10 (a) Birmingham City D 0-0 Details
14 (H) Athletic Bilbao Cancelled [Friendly] Details
17 (H) Luton Town L 1-2 Details
24 (a) Charlton Athletic W 2-0 Details
28 (H) Inter Services Match Details
31 (H) Newcastle United W 2-1 Details


2 (H) Aston Villa D 0-0 Details
3 (a) Aston Villa D 0-0 Details
7 (a) Everton L 1-2 Details
14 (H) Preston North End W 2-1 Details
18 (H) Tottenham Hotspur W 5-1 Details
21 (a) Burnley W 2-1 Details
28 (H) Sunderland W 3-1 Details


2 (a) Sheffield United D 3-3 Details
3 (a) Notts County L 2-4 Details [Friendly]