Players in Trouble

This page show Wolves players, arrested, charged, fined and jailed.

David Black – As Licensee was fined £15 for allowing late drinking and refusing to allow the Police on to the premises.
Michael Branch – JAILED for Drugs offences.
Stan Collymore – Sacked for Stealing.
Chris Cornes – JAILED for Drugs offences.
David Davis – Arrested for Assault.
Andy de Bont – JAILED for Drugs offences.
Freddie Eastwood – Arrested.
Leigh Griffiths – Done for shop lifting.
Adam Hammill – Done for Assault, Fined.
Bob Hazell – Arrested for making petrol bombs during riots.
Lee Hughes ex Wolves trainee – JAILED for manslaughter whilst at WBA.
Liam Hughes – JAILED for Robbery
Jimmy Kelly – JAILED for manslaughter.
Mark Kennedy – Arrested for Drink Driving numerous times.
Brian Laws – Fined for stealing a Bus.
Michael McIndoe – Done for Fraud.
Shaun Newton – Fined and community hours for Burglary.
Jermaine Pennant – JAILED for Drink Driving.
Dean Saunders – Arrested for Drink Driving.
Hans Segers – Arrested for Match Fixtures (CLEARED of any offence).
Kim Wassell – Charged with Murder (FOUND NOT GUILTY).
Dicky Baugh, Albert Fletcher, David Wykes, Charlie Booth were all fined for assaulting a Police Constable.