1926/27 Second Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves

Directors: Mr Ernest Baker (Chairman), AH Oakley (Vice Chairman), JS Baker, G Holley, FT Hollins, Major AJ Holloway, B Matthews, TW Simpson.
Secretary Manager: Fred Scotchbrook, Major Frank Buckley (from 30 May).
Trainers: Jack Davies, George Holley.
Captain: Jack Mitton.

Playing Squad: Jimmy Baker, Tom Baxter, Ernest Bishop, Bill Boswell, Tom Bowen, Jack Bradford, Patrick Bradley, George Bromage, Bill Caddick, Alf Canavon, Wilf Chadwick, Sam Charnley, Oliver Cox, D’Acre, Amos Dee, Charles Evans, William Fox, Noel George, Reginald Gregory, Jack Hampton, Ashley Hancock, Billy Hann, Jack Harrington, Thomas Harrison, William Heath, Frank Higham, Syd Homer, Harry Hooper, Henry Hunting, Sidney Jarvis, Charles Jones, Stanley Jones, Albert Kay, Cecil Kenna, Robert Kerr, Cyril Knowles, Harry Lees, Albert Legge, Fred Mason, Alexander McDougall, William Millward, Jack Mitton, Joseph Onion, George Parry, Pearson, Thomas Phillips, Tom Phillipson, William Pickett, James Powell, Fred Price, Dickie Rhodes, Billy Richards, Billy Rotton, Harry Scott, Harry Shaw, John Spencer, Sidney Tyler, William Valentine, Ted Watson, Walter Weaver, J Whitehouse, Jack Williams.

Club Finances: Wolves made a loss of £1,557, leaving a net deficiency of £300 on 1926.


14 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
21 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
28 (a) Hull City L 0-1 Details
30 (H) Chelsea L 0-3 Details


4 (H) Swansea Town D 2-2 Details
11 (H) Notts County L 0-1 Details
13 (H) Preston North End L 1-2 Details
18 (a) Clapton Orient L 0-2 Details
25 (H) Middlesbrough L 1-2 Details
27 (a) Preston North End L 0-2 Details


2 (a) Port Vale D 1-1 Details
9 (H) Southampton D 2-2 Details
16 (a) Blackpool W 3-2 Details
23 (H) Reading D 1-1 Details
30 (a) Nottingham Forest D 1-1 Details


6 (H) Barnsley W 9-1 Details
13 (a) Manchester City L 1-2 Details
15 (H) Jubilee Details
20 (H) Darlington W 2-1 Details
27 (a) Portsmouth L 1-2 Details


4 (H) Oldham Athletic D 1-1 Details
11 (a) Fulham L 1-4 Details
18 (H) Grimsby Town L 3-4 Details
25 (H) Bradford City W 7-2 Details
27 (a) Bradford City W 2-1 Details


1 (H) Walsall L 1-2 Details [Friendly]
8 (a) Carlisle United W 2-0 Details [FAC3]
15 (H) Hull City W 5-2 Details
22 (a) Swansea Town L 1-4 Details
29 (H) Nottingham Forest W 2-0 Details [FAC4]


5 (H) Clapton Orient W 5-0 Details
9 (a) Notts County D 2-2 Details
12 (a) Middlesbrough L 0-2 Details
19 (H) Hull City W 1-0 Details [FAC5]
26 (a) Southampton L 0-1 Details


5 (a) Arsenal L 1-2 Details [FAC6]
12 (a) Reading W 2-1 Details
19 (H) Nottingham Forest W 2-0 Details
21 (H) Blackpool W 4-1 Details
26 (a) Barnsley L 1-4 Details
26 (H) FA Cup Details
28 (H) Staffordshire Cup Details


2 (H) Manchester City W 4-1 Details
9 (a) Darlington L 1-3 Details
9 (H) International Match Details
16 (H) Portsmouth L 0-1 Details
18 (a) Chelsea L 0-1 Details
19 (H) Port Vale L 1-2 Details
23 (a) Oldham Athletic L 0-2 Details
25 (H) South Shields W 2-0 Details
30 (H) Fulham W 2-1 Details


2 (a) South Shields W 2-1 Details
7 (a) Grimsby Town L 0-6 Details