1962/63 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves Youth 1 Youth 2 Youth 3

Directors: James S Baker (Chairman), JH Marshall (Chairman), JH Ireland (Vice-Chairman), C Everall, WC Sproson, JT Howley (Secretary).
Manager: Stan Cullis
Trainers: Jack Dowen, Jack Gardiner, Bill Shorthouse, George Palmer
Captain: Ron Flowers.

Playing Staff: Ray Aggio, Stephen Allen, Alan Attwood, John Avey, Keith Ball, Roger Bannister, Peter Barnes, Jim Barron, David Barton, Beckett, Robert Beebee, Stuart Bentley, Raymond Bilby, Anthony Blakemore, Keith Bond, Dennis Brassington, Brittain, Peter Broadbent, Ian Brooke, Bunting, Laurie Calloway, Anthony Capper, Robert Caucott, Peter Caunt, William Challenor, John Chapman, Norman Charlton, David Clements, Les Cocker,Jimmy Conde, John Cox, Crooke, Chris Crowe, Fred Davies, W Davies, Maurice Donaghy, Dugmore, Cliff Durandt, Eric Edwards, David Emanuel, Michael Evans, Roderick Evans, Ted Farmer, Norman Ferguson, Malcolm Finlayson, Ron Flowers, Clive Ford, Robert Fullen, John Galley, David Galvin, Michael Gilmore, Freddie Goodwin, Barrie Hale, Ray Hall, Gerry Harris, Johnny Harris, Graham Hawkins, Alan Hinton, John Holder, John Hornsby, Michael Howarth, John Ingham, Jerrison, William Juggins, Frederick Kemp, Michael Kerry, John Kirkham, Robert Knight, Ken Knighton, Peter Knowles, Maurice Kyle, Terence Latham, Terence Lees, Francis Manley, James McCarthy, Kevin McMahon, Peter McParland, Robert McRobbie, Lawrence Middleton, Graham Mills, Denis Monaghan, Mulligan, John Murchington, Murphy, Jimmy Murray, Leslie Packer, Roger Parkin, Pattersley, Pickering, Terrance Plant, Vic Povey, Anthony Preece, Trevor Quiggin, Dave Read, William Redmond, Pat Rickerby, David Roberts, Gordon Roberts, Maurice Rodgers, John Rowley, William Salmon, Stephen Sanders, Arthur Scott, Malcolm Shinton, Short, George Showell, Stuart Siviter, Bill Slater, Kenneth Sloan, John Small, John Southall, Barry Stobart, Stone, Frank Storr, Dennis Tattersley, Dave Thompson, Terry Thompson, Bobby Thomson, Todd, Richard Wade, Walker, Haydn Walters, Peter Wassall, Malcolm Webster, Terry Wharton, Bob Wilson, David Woodfield, Woods, Yardley.

Club Finances: Wolves made a profit of £25,204 over the last twelve months.

Note: Club Chairman James S Baker died on 8 January 1963.


11 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
18 (H) Manchester City W 8-1 Details
20 (a) West Ham United W 4-1 Details
25 (a) Blackpool W 2-0 Details
29 (H) West Ham United D 0-0 Details


1 (H) Blackburn Rovers W 4-2 Details
8 (a) Sheffield United W 2-1 Details
12 (a) Tottenham Hotspur W 2-1 Details
15 (H) Nottingham Forest D 1-1 Details
19 (H) Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Details
22 (a) Ipswich Town W 3-2 Details
25 (a) Hendon W 7-1 Details [Friendly]
29 (H) Liverpool W 3-2 Details


6 (H) Everton L 0-2 Details
8 (a) Morton W 5-2 Details [Friendly]
13 (a) Bolton Wanderers L 0-3 Details
20 (H) Birmingham City P-P
24 (H) Birmingham City L 0-2 Details
27 (a) Arsenal L 4-5 Details


3 (H) Sheffield Wednesday D 2-2 Details
10 (a) Burnley L 0-2 Details
14 (a) Sporting Lisbon Cancelled
17 (H) Manchester United L 2-3 Details
24 (a) Leyton Orient W 4-0 Details


1 (H) Leicester City L 1-3 Details
3 (H) Honved W 1-1 Details [Friendly]
8 (a) Fulham D 5-0 Details
15 (a) Manchester City W 3-3 Details
22 (H) Blackpool P-P
26 (H) West Bromwich Albion A-A Details
29 (a) West Bromwich Albion P-P


5 (a) Nottingham Forest P-P [FAC3]
8 (a) Nottingham Forest P-P [FAC3]
12 (a) Blackburn Rovers P-P
15 (a) Nottingham Forest P-P [FAC3]
19 (H) Sheffield United D 0-0 Details
21 (a) Nottingham Forest P-P [FAC3]
26 (a) Nottingham Forest P-P [FAC3]
29 (a) Nottingham Forest L 3-4 Details [FAC3]


2 (a) Nottingham Forest P-P
9 (H) Ipswich Town P-P
9 (N) Coventry City W 3-0 Details [Friendly]
16 (a) Liverpool L 1-4 Details
20 (N) Coventry City W 6-3 Details [Friendly]
23 (a) Everton D 0-0 Details


2 (H) Bolton Wanderers P-P
9 (a) Birmingham City W 4-3 Details
16 (H) West Bromwich Albion W 7-0 Details
20 (H) Bolton Wanderers W 4-0 Details
23 (a) Sheffield Wednesday L 1-3 Details
30 (H) Leyton Orient W 2-1 Details


3 (a) West Bromwich Albion D 2-2 Details
6 (a) Manchester United P-P
8 (H) Arsenal W 1-0 Details
13 (H) Burnley W 7-2 Details
15 (H) Aston Villa W 3-1 Details
16 (a) Aston Villa W 2-0 Details
20 (a) Leicester City D 1-1 Details
22 (a) Manchester United L 1-2 Details
27 (H) Fulham W 2-1 Details
30 (a) Nottingham Forest L 0-2 Details


4 (H) Ipswich Town D 0-0 Details
9 (H) Blackpool W 2-0 Details
13 (a) Blackburn Rovers L 1-5 Details
23 (Tour) Montreal Cantella W 5-1 Details
26 (Tour) Schalke 04 W 4-2 Details
30 (Tour) Ukrainian Nationals of Philadelphia W 3-2 Details


2 (Tour) American League XI W 5-0 Details
5 (Tour) Catholic Youth Council All Stars W 6-0 Details
9 (Tour) Mexican Select W 3-0 Details
15 (Tour) Bangu D 2-2 Details
17 (Tour) West-Victoria All Stars W 2-1 Details
19 (Tour) Vancouver All Stars W 4-1 Details
22 (Tour) Bangu W 4-1 Details