St Lukes Blakenhall

Wolverhampton Wanderers early history is St Lukes Blakenhall School. With Association Football in its early stages the school formed a team in 1877. Many of the matches are unrecorded but research so far shows the following matches, until Wolverhampton Wanderers as an Associated Football team appears in 1880. 

Jan 13 (H) Stafford Road ‘R’ L 0-8 [Friendly]

Dec 8 (H) Whitmore Reans ‘R’ D 0-0 [Friendly]
Dec 22 (H) United Rovers W 1-0 [Friendly]
Jan 5 (H) v Graisley Hill ‘R’ W 7-0 [Friendly]
Feb 16 (a) Graisley Hill L 0-1 [Friendly]
Mar 2 (a) Culwell D 1-1  [Friendly]
Culwell (RA Smith): Smith [goal], Hughes [back], Westwood [back], White [back], Carden [back], S Corbett [forward], RA Smith [forward], H Pearce [forward], T Webb [forward], W Newill [forward], RT Clay [forward / capt].
St Lukes (Cooke): J Clark [goal], J Baynton [back / capt], Meddings [back], Whitlock [back], J Brodie [half-back], G Worrall [forward], W Hudson [forward], J Hill [forward], F Shelton [forward], T Cooke [forward], W Blackham [forward].
Mar 5 (H) St Lukes v St Lukes [nine v nine Friendly]
Team 1: J Clark [goal], C Mason [back], T Thomas [half-back], F Costley [half-back], W Belcher [forward], O Bishop [forward], Z Heil [forward], A Blackham [forward], J Baynton [forward / capt].
Team 2: A Warrington [goal], F Clark [back], W Blackham [back], J Islas [half-back], T Cooke [half-back], W Hudson [forward], R Creighton [forward], J Brodie [forward], F Shelton [forward].

Spt 23 (H) Brewood L 0-1 [Friendly]
Oct 12 (a) Wolverhampton Rovers W 1-0 [Friendly]
Oct 19 (H) St Pauls (Wolverhampton) L 0-1 [Friendly]
Oct 19 (a) Reserves v St Pauls (Wolverhampton) ‘R’ L 1-3 [Friendly] [Scorers: T Hadley – Price, Jackson, JG Lloyd].
Nov 2 (H) Walsall St Matthew’s Church Institute ‘R’ L 1-3 [Friendly]
Nov 16 (H) Reserves v Dudley Town Rangers ‘R’ W 1-0 [Friendly]
Nov 23 (a) Coven W 1-0 [Friendly]
Nov 30 () St Mary’s Works Mens D 0-0 [Friendly]

Oct 11 (H) Heath Town L 0-1 [Friendly]
Oct 11 (a) Heath Town ‘R’ W 2-0 [Friendly]
Oct 18 (H) St Pauls Details Unknown [Friendly]
Oct 18 (a) Reserves v St Pauls ‘R’ Details Unknown [Friendly]
Oct 25  (a) Aston Unity L 1-9 [Friendly] [Scorers SLB unknown – J Butler (5), Ogden (2), C Durban (2)]
Nov 22 (H) Whitmore Reans L 0-2 [Friendly]
Jan 17 (a) Reserves v Shifnal Wanderers L 0-2 [Friendly]
Jan 17 (H) St. Mary’s, The Mount D 0-0 [Friendly]
Feb 14 (a) Whitmore Reans W2-0 [Friendly]
Whitmore Reans: Cliff [goal], Breeze [back], Hough [half-back], Cooper [half-back], Maddox [half-back], Ashly [forward], Turton [forward], Beadle [forward], Whitlock [forward], Patten [forward], George [forward].
St Lukes: Caddock [goal], Baynton [back / Capt], Brodie [back], Blackham [half-back], F Clarke [half-back], Stanford [half-back], W Hudson [forward], Hill [forward], Cadman [forward], Handly [forward], F Shelton [forward].