1914/15 Season Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Sc0rers Reserves

President: Brigadier General TE Hickman MP; Vice-Presidents: Sir Charles Mander, Charles Crump.

Committee: Colonel Walker (Chairman), TH Sidney, A Holloway, IS Sparrow, E Barker, Dr JA Wolverson, FT Hollins.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainers: Albert Fletcher, Jackery Jones.
Captain: Alf Bishop.

Playing Staff: William Bate, William Bennett, Alfred Bishop, Alfred Brookes, Albert Brooks, Samuel Brooks, Ted Collins, Albert Cooksley, N Cooksley, Edward Creswell, Fredrick Curtis, Thomas Dowdeswell, Edwin Dunn, Ewort, Albert Fletcher, George Garratly, Charles Griffiths, John Griffiths, Noad Griffiths, Albert Groves, Frank Hall, Billy Harrison, Jack Hayes, Archie Holmes, Thomas Howe,Harry Howell, Howard Humphries, Kenneth Hunt, Arthur Johnson, Tommy Jones Willie Jordan, Kelly, Bertram Lamplugh, Tom Langford, Tansey Lea, Thomas Lougford, Thomas Mulholland, Jack Needham, Joe Nicholls, George Parfitt, Teddy Peers, Freddie Price, Robert Probert, Dick Richards, Alf Riley, Charles Salmon, Bertie Satchwell, Claude Shinton, Bert Smart, Joe Stone, John Streets, Harry Tibbitts, W Turton, Thomas Whitehouse, George Whittingham, Joseph Wickham, John Williams, William Young.

Club Finances: Loss: £1,500; Balance: £1,947 s2 d7,

Clubs Future: At the annual Football Meeting on 24 July, its announce Wolves will not be competing in any competitive football during the 1915-16 season. Aston Villa, Birmingham & West Bromwich Albion do the same.


15 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
22 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details


1 (a) Clapton Orient 1-1 Details
5 (H) Arsenal 1-0 Details
7 (H) Clapton Orient 0-0 Details
12 (a) Derby County 1-3 Details
19 (H) Lincoln City 3-1 Details
26 (a) Birmingham 2-1 Details


3 (H) Grimsby Town 0-1 Details
10 (a) Huddersfield Town 0-2 Details
17 (H) Bristol City 2-2 Details
24 (a) Bury 1-4 Details
31 (H) Preston North End 2-0 Details


7 (a) Nottingham Forest 1-3 Details
14 (H) Leicester Fosse 7-0 Details
21 (a) Barnsley 1-2 Details
28 (H) Glossop 4-0 Details


5 (a) Blackpool 0-1 Details
12 (a) Fulham 1-0 Details
19 (H) Stockport County 4-1 Details
25 (a) Hull City 1-5 Details
26 (H) Hull City 1-2 Details


2 (a) Arsenal 1-5 Details
9 (a) Reading 1-0 Details [FAC1]
16 (H) Derby County 0-1 Details
23 (a) Lincoln City 2-2 Details
30 (a) The Wednesday 0-2 Details [FAC2]


6 (a) Grimsby Town 4-1 Details
13 (H) Huddersfield Town 4-1 Details
20 (a) Bristol City 1-0 Details
27 (H) Bury 1-1 Details


6 (a) Preston North End 3-5 Details
13 (H) Nottingham Forest 5-1 Details
20 (a) Leicester Fosse 3-0 Details
27 (H) Barnsley 4-1 Details


3 (a) Glossop 2-0 Details
5 (H) Leeds City 5-1 Details
6 (a) Leeds City 3-2 Details
10 (H) Blackpool 2-0 Details
17 (H) Fulham 2-0 Details
19 (H) Birmingham 0-0 Details
24 (a) Stockport County 2-2 Details


1 (H) International Details