1904/05 First Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves
President: Sir Alfred Hickman MP.
Committee: Colonel GW Walker (Chairman); Others unknown.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainers: Albert Fletcher
Captain: Billy Wooldridge.

Playing Staff: Billy Annis, Arthur Arrowsmith, Tom Baddeley, AJ Bakewell, Bernard Ball, Thomas Barnett, George Barratt, Fred Barrows, Albert Baynham, Fred Beaumont, Frank Bednall, Charles Best, Dick Betteley, Fred Bevin, Joseph Biddlestone, James Breakwell, Charles Burrows, Edward Collins, William Chillingworth, William Cooper, Joseph Dodds, Arthur Dutton, William Ferris, R Franks, Sid Grosvenor, Adam Haywood, Jack Hopkins, Kenneth Hunt, Ernie James, E Jervis, Jackery Jones, Ted Juggins, Billy Layton, Sam Legg, William Lloyd, Richard, Lowndes, Tommy Lunn, Jack Miller, Thomas Nicholls, Arthur Pagett, Thomas Palmer, John Pedley, Charles Pilsbury, Henry Preston, Joseph Purshouse, Harry Russell, Andrew Smith, Edwin Smith, Jack Smith, Jack Stanley, Jimmy Stringer, Arthur Veysey, David Walker, George Walker, Jack Walker, Thomas Walters, Sammy Ward, Thomas Ward, Arthur Warner, James Warner, Benjamin Watkins, Benjamin Whitehouse, Jack Whitehouse, Alfred Williams, Charlie Williams, Edwin Williams, Walter Williams, Arthur Woodward, Billy Wooldridge.

Club Finances: Total receipts £5,867, expenditure £5,784, Balance £119; Wages and Expenses £617, Travelling Expenses £365, Gates Receipts for the Cup Team £5,679, Reserves £924. Wolves are the only club to be running a profit. The total in hand is £1,166.


20 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
23 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
26 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details


3 (H) Nottingham Forest W 3-2 Details
5 (H) Sheffield United W 4-2 Details
10 (a) The Wednesday L 0-4 Details
12 (a) Burslem Port Vale W 1-0 Details [SC1]
17 (H) Sunderland W 1-0 Details
19 (a) Small Heath L 0-8 Details [BCCsf]
24 (a) Woolwich Arsenal L 0-2 Details
26 (H) West Bromwich Albion L 0-2 Details [BC1]


1 (H) Derby County W 2-0 Details
8 (a) Everton L 1-2 Details
15 (H) Small Heath L 0-1 Details
17 (a) Derby County W 4-2 Details [SCsf]
22 (a) Manchester City P-P
24 (a) Small Heath W 4-2 Details [Friendly]
29 (H) Notts County W 3-1 Details


5 (a) Sheffield United L 2-4 Details
12 (H) Newcastle United L 1-3 Details
14 (a) Manchester City L 1-5 Details
19 (a) Preston North End D 2-2 Details
26 (H) Middlesbrough W 5-3 Details


3 (a) Stoke L 1-2 Details
10 (a) Bury L 1-3 Details
17 (H) Aston Villa D 1-1 Details
24 (a) Blackburn Rovers L 0-3 Details
26 (H) Everton L 0-3 Details
31 (a) Nottingham Forest D 2-2 Details


7 (H) The Wednesday W 1-0 Details
14 (a) Sunderland L 0-3 Details
21 (H) Woolwich Arsenal W 4-1 Details
28 (a) Derby County L 1-2 Details


4 (a) Sunderland D 1-1 Details [FAC1]
8 (H) Sunderland W 1-0 Details [FAC1R]
11 (a) Small Heath L 1-4 Details
18 (H) Southampton L 2-3 Details [FAC2]
25 (a) Notts County W 4-3 Details


11 (a) Newcastle United L 0-3 Details
18 (H) Preston North End D 0-0 Details
25 (a) Middlesbrough L 1-3 Details


1 (H) Stoke L 1-3 Details
8 (H) Bury W 2-0 Details
15 (a) Aston Villa P-P
22 (H) Blackburn Rovers W 2-0 Details
24 (H) Manchester City L 0-3 Details
27 (a) Aston Villa L 0-3 Details
28 (a) Small Heath L 0-4 Details [SCf]