1911/12 Second Division

First Team Overall First Team Appearances & Scorers Reserves
President: Brigadier General TE Hickman MP.

Vice-Presidents: Sir Charles Mander and Charles Crump.

Committee: Colonel George Walker (Chairman), Walter George Walker, Theo Addenbrooke, AG Jeffs plus others.
Secretary Manager: Jack Addenbrooke.
Trainers: Albert Fletcher, Jackery Jones.
Captain: Alf Bishop.

Playing Staff: Alfred Bishop, Frank Blewitt, William Blunn, Billy Blunt, Enos Bott, Fred Boxley, Randolph Bratt, Alfred Brookes, Samuel Brooks, Leonard Catterall, Benjamin Chance, Ted Collins, William Cooper, Percy Corbett, H Davies, Harry Davies, Ed Deakin, Ed Derbyshire, Richard Dunn, Thomas Edwards, John Evans, Harry Field, Leonard Fletcher, Walter Fownes, George Garratly, Albert Groves, Hadley, Billy Halligan, Billy Harrison, Walter Hayes, George Hedley, William Hughes, Kenneth Hunt, A Jones, Jackery Jones, L Jones, Charles Madeley, Joseph Massey, Robert Miller, J Morris, Jack Needham, Nicholls, James O’Brien, William Osborne, Harry Parsonage, Teddy Peers, Billy Perrett, Arthur Price, Harold Roberts, Joseph Rowley, Arthur Sheargold, Harry Stokes, Joe Stone, Harry Turley, George Whittingham, George Wilkes, Robert Young, Tommy Yule.

Club Finances: Profit: £67 10s; Receipts: £7318 7s 3d; Expenditure: £7250 17s 3d; Credit Balance: £2977 4s 4d.

Committee News: Mr Barker who resigned from the board of directors because of an article written an article about the club in a newspaper tried to be re-appointed. The other directors though would all a resigned if he had been re-appointed.


19 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details
26 (H) Pre Season Practice Match Details


2 (a) Grimsby Town D 0-0 Details
4 (H) Bristol City W 3-1 Details
9 (H) Nottingham Forest W 1-0 Details
16 (a) Chelsea L 1-4 Details
23 (H) Clapton Orient L 0-1 Details
30 (a) Bristol City W 3-0 Details


7 (H) Birmingham W 1-0 Details
14 (a) Huddersfield Town D 1-1 Details
21 (H) Blackpool W 3-0 Details
28 (a) Glossop W 1-0 Details


4 (H) Hull City W 8-0 Details
11 (a) Barnsley L 1-2 Details
18 (H) Bradford (PA) D 1-1 Details
25 (a) Fulham D 1-1 Details


2 (H) Derby County L 0-1 Details
9 (a) Stockport County W 2-1 Details
16 (H) Leeds City W 5-0 Details
23 (a) Burnley L 1-2 Details
25 (a) Leicester Fosse D 1-1 Details
26 (H) Leicester Fosse W 1-0 Details
30 (H) Grimsby Town L 1-2 Details


6 (a) Nottingham Forest D 0-0 Details
13 (a) Watford D 0-0 Details [FAC1]
17 (H) Watford P-P [FAC1R]
20 (H) Chelsea W 3-1 Details
22 (H) Watford P-P [FAC1R]
24 (H) Watford W 10-0 Details [FAC1R]
27 (a) Clapton Orient L 0-1 Details


3 (H) Lincoln City W 2-1 Details [FAC2]
10 (a) Birmingham L 1-3 Details
17 (H) Huddersfield Town D 1-2 Details
24 (a) Blackburn Rovers L 2-3 Details [FAC3]


2 (H) Glossop L 1-1 Details
9 (a) Hull City L 0-3 Details
16 (H) Barnsley W 5-0 Details
23 (a) Bradford (PA) W 2-0 Details
30 (H) Fulham D 0-0 Details


5 (a) Gainsborough Trinity L 0-1 Details
6 (a) Derby County D 1-1 Details
8 (H) Gainsborough Trinity W 1-0 Details
13 (H) Stockport County W 4-0 Details
17 (a) Blackpool L 0-1 Details
20 (a) Leeds City D 1-1 Details
27 (H) Burnley W 2-0 Details