Arsenal (a) 1949/50

Saturday 3 December 1949 at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (Att 59,766)

Arsenal (1) 1 (Roper 36): Platt, Barnes, Smith, Forbes, L Compton, Mercer, Cox, Logie, Roper, Lewis, McPherson.
Wolves (1) 1 (Mullen 2): Williams, McLean, Pritchard, Wright, Shorthouse, Russell, Hancocks, Pye, Wilshaw, Smyth, Mullen.

Referee: Mr N Taylor (Westbury).
Order of Goals: W,a.
Penalty: Awarded for a foul on Don Roper in the 67th minutes was taken by Walley Barnes and saved by Bert Williams.
Position: 4th.