Arsenal (a) 1967/68

Saturday 16 March 1968 at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (Att 25,983)

Arsenal (0) 0: Wilson, Storey, McNab, McLintock, Simpson, Neill, Radford, Gould, Graham, Sammels, Armstrong; Sub Davidson.
Wolves (1) 2 (Holsgrove 30, Wignall 89): Parkes, Parkin, Thomson, Bailey, Woodfield, Holsgrove, Kenning, Wignall, Dougan, Knowles, Wagstaffe; Sub Munro.

Referee: Mr J Osborne (Ipswich).
Penalty: Awarded in the 73rd minute for handball against Dave Woodfield. It was taken by Terry Neill who hit the underside of the bar. Woodfield scrambled it away.
Position: 17th.