Arsenal (a) 1914/15

Saturday 2 January 1915 at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (Att 9,000)

Arsenal (2) 5 (King 20 37 56 79, Buckley 75): Lievesley, Shaw, Ford, Grant, Buckley, McKinnon, Groves, Flanagan, King, Bradshaw, Lewis.
Wolves (1) 1 (Howell 24): Peers, Garratly, Collins, Price, Riley, Bishop, Harrison, Howell, Groves, Needham, S Brooks.

Referee: Mr R Eccles (Darwen).
Order of Goals: a,W,a,a,a,a.
Landmark: Harry Howell nets his first Football League goal for Wolves. Chris Buckley nets the 1000th away goal conceded by Wolves in the Football League.
Position: 13th.