Arsenal (a) 1960/61

Saturday 22 April 1961 at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (Att 34,429)

Arsenal (0) 1 (Henderson 61): Kelsey, Bacuzzi, McCullough, Charles, Neil, Barnwell, Strong, Griffiths, Herd, Eastham, Henderson.
Wolves (2) 5 (Stobart 7 44, Broadbent 51, Mason 69, Murray 75): Finlayson, Kelly, Harris, Clamp, Slater, Flowers, Mason, Murray, Stobart, Broadbent, Deeley.

Referee: Mr K Tuck (Chesterfield).
Order of Goals: W,W,W,a,W,W.
Landmark: Bobby Mason nets the 100th League in Wolves match at Arsenal.
Position: 2nd.