Arsenal (a) 1969/70

Saturday 28 March 1969 at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury (Att 32,353)

Arsenal (0) 2 (Graham 71 83): Wilson, Storey, McNab, Kelly, McLintock, Simpson, Marinello, Sammels, Radford, George, Graham; Sub Armstrong.
Wolves (2) 2 (Dougan 12, Curran 23): Oldfield, Wilson, Parkin, Bailey, Holsgrove, Munro, McCalliog, McAlle, Dougan, Curran, O’Grady; Sub Lutton.

Referee: Mr J Lewis (Port Talbot).
Order of Goals: W,W,a,a.
Penalty: Awarded against Hugh Curran for a foul on Eddie Kelly in the last minute of the first-half and was taken by Pete Storey and saved by Mike Oldfield.
Position: 9th.