Aston Unity (N) 1886/87

Walsall Cup (Semi-final) Saturday 5 March 1887 at the Town Ground, Walsall (Att 600)

Wolves (1) 3 (Hunter*, B Griffiths*, ANOther*): I Griffiths, Baugh, Mason, Pearson, Allen, Lowder, B Griffiths, T Hunter, Brodie, Knight, Wood.
Aston Unity (1) 2 (B Devey, ANOther*): Cohen, Wolaston, Thomas, Pallet, Smith, Dixon, Stevens, Barton, B Devey, J Devey, Asbury.

Order of Goals: W,a,W,?,?
Re-Arranged: This match replaced a visit to Bolton to play Halliwell in a friendly.