Aston Villa (a) 1898/99 BCC

Lord Mayor of Birmingham Charity Cup (Semi-final)- Monday 26 September 1898 at Aston Lower Grounds

Aston Villa (0) 4 (Cowan 64, Athersmith 70, Wheldon 71, Johnson 80): George, Bowman, Evans, Wilkes, Cowan, Sharp, Athersmith, Gaudie, Johnson, Wheldon, John Cowan.
Wolves (1) 1 (Smith*): Baddeley, Tuft, Matthias, Nurse, Malpass, Fleming, Tonks, R Davies, Beats, Smith, Miller.

Order of Goals: W,a,a,a,a.
Penalty: Tom Baddeley saved from Fred Wheldon with the score at 4-1.
Injury: Villa’s were reduced to ten when half-back Albert Wilkes was carried from the pitch halfway through the first-half unconscious. Late in the match Walter Tuft went into goal and Tom Baddeley moved to full-back after he dislocated his finger. Wolves also finished with just ten players after an injury to Jack Chadburn.
Newspaper: Some reports have Wolves scorer as George Miller.