Aston Villa (N) 1888/89 BCC

Lord Mayor of Birmingham Charity Cup (Final) Saturday 6 April 1889 at County Ground, Edgbaston

Wolves (0) 0: Rose, Mason, Baugh, Fletcher, Allen, Lowder, Knight, Wood, Brodie, Hunter, Wykes.
Aston Villa (1) 3 (Allen*, Brown*, Hodgetts*): Warner, Coulter, Cox, Burton, Devey, Yates, Hodgetts, Goodall, Hunter, Brown, Allen.

Injury: Wolves were reduced to ten men during the first half after a ‘rush’ had left Hunter having to leave the pitch. Although he reappeared for a short time his injuries ultimately saw him leave the field of play for good.
Sporting Day: As part of the ‘Birmingham Charity Festival’ two Rugby Union matches took place before the Charity Cup Final. They were Montgomery Street and Dudley Road Schools and Moseley and Old Edwardians.