Billy Halligan XI (H) 1915/16 Fr

Friendly- Tuesday 25 April 1916 at Molineux (Att 12,000)

Wolves (1) 1 (Curtis 30): Boxley, Garratly, Collins, Price, Hunt, Bishop, Harrison, Dunn, Curtis, Needham, S Brooks.
Billy Halligans XI (0) 0: Goodchild [Manchester City], Hodson (Oldham Athletic], Fletcher [Manchester City], Wilson [Oldham Athletic], Buckley [Arsenal], Abrams [Chelsea], Meredith [Manchester United], Taylor [Manchester City], O’Connell [Manchester United], Halligan [Manchester United], Cartwright [Manchester City].

Referee: Me E Collett.
Penalty: Saved by Goodchild nag taken by Garratly early in the match. Awarded for a foul on Needham.
Note: The match was a charity fixture for the Wolverhampton & Staffordshire Hospital.