Birmingham (H) 1915/16 Fr

Friendly- Saturday 22 April 1916 at Molineux (under 8,000)

Wolves (1) 2 (Brooks*, Harrison*): Peers, Garratly, Collins, Price, Bishop, Smart, Harrison, Dunn, Griffiths, Needham, S Brooks.
Birmingham (1) 2 (Gibson*, Hall*): Hauser, Ball, Womack, Gardner, McClure, Edwards, Gibson, Hall, Montgomery, Mercer, Morgan.

Referee: Mr A Oakley (Wolverhampton).
Order of Goals: b,W,b,W.
Injury: Wolves lost the services of Teddy Peers on 70 mins with the score at 1-1. Ted Collins first went between the sticks replaced by George Garratly.