Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic (N) 1929/30

Allen Palmer Memorial Cup- Wednesday 30 April 1930 at Bythesea Ground, Trowbridge

Wolves (1) 4 (Phillips 32, Hartill 52, Hetherington*, Hetherington 75): Tootill, Hatfield, Shaw, Robinson, Hollingworth, Bellis, Phillips, Rhodes, Hartill, Deacon, Hetherington.
Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic (1) 2 (Scott 25, Bryce*): McSevich, Hayward, Brown, Halliwell, Forbes, Bradford, Clifford, Scott, Eyre, Beswick, Bryce.

Referee: Mr A Keates.
Order of Goals: b,W,W,W,b,W.
Later: Club official and plyers were dinner and entertainment at the George Hotel. They was also introduced to Lady Alexandra Palmer.