Bristol & District League (a) 1894/95 F

Friendly- Tuesday 16 April 1895 at Bell Hill (Att 6,000)

Bristol District League XI (2) 3 (Fielding (p)*, Leese*, Britton*): Speck [Gloucester], Grundy [Staple Hill], Lovett [Eastville Rovers], Wilshire [Warmley], Hyman [Trowbridge], Fielding [Gloucester], Stout [Gloucester], Harris [St George], Leese [St Georges].
Wolves (3) 6 (Black*, Wykes*, Black (p)*, Green*, Green*, Griffin*): Hassall, Baugh, Dunn, Griffiths, Haynes, Fleming, Wykes, Black, Griffin, Green, Edge.

Referee: Mr W Deakin (Bedminster).
Order of Goals: b,W,b,W,W,W,b,W,W.
Note: Bell Hill was the new home of St George FC who are the oldest club in Bristol. Today they are known as Roman St George.