Broome, Sidney

Signed: 11 May 1937.
Released: 7 September 1937.

Sidney Broome was only at Wolves a short time in 1937 and didn’t make an appearance in a Wolves shirt.

He was born in Newcastle-Under-Lyme on 7 August 1919. He was Air Gunner (I understand Mid Upper). Dies at 22.05 on 10 November 10 1942 with the crew of Halifax II DT539, DY-A of 102 Squadron. Target: Hamburg, Take off: 17.51 from Pocklington. Hit by Flak over Dutch coast. Pilot F/Sgt. Marler tried a landing and smashed against the Dijk by Oosterend. In the following explosion all 8 crew died and buried in Den Burg, Texel, Row 6 Grave 130.

Many thank to both Chris Ward and Andreas Wachtel for Broome’s war record.