Burnley (a) 1888/89 F

Friendly- Saturday 9 March 1889 at Turf Moor (Att 3,000)

Burnley (2) 7 (McKay*, Lang*, McFetteridge*, Yates*, Lang*, Brady*, Gallacher*): Cox, Yates, Ashworth, Lang, Oliver, Keenan, Gallacher, McFetteridge, McKay, Brady,  Yates.
Wolves (1) 1 (Scrummage): Unknown.

Order of Goals: b,W,b,b,b,b,b,b.
Team News: Wolves only had ten players. They travelled without Rose, Fletcher, Allen and Brodie. Lowder who did travel was taken ill on route and did not take part. Those who are known to have played are Baugh, Mason, Hunter, Wykes and Cooper.
Injury: Shortly before half-time Wolves were reduced to nine players after an injury. It is unknown which player was injured.
Remembrance:  The follow day Jack Brodie’s father passes away.