Burnley (a) 1895/96

Football League (206)- Saturday 22 February 1896 at Turf Moor (Att 4,500)

Burnley (0) 3 (Robertson 52, McLintock 55p, Taylor 75): Tatham, Reynolds, McLintock, McEleny, Taylor, Livingstone, Nicol, H Robertson, Provan, Davidson, Hill.
Wolves (1) 1 (Beats 30): Tennant, Baugh, Bunch, Fleming, Malpass, Owen, Tonks, Henderson, Beats, Wood, Black.

Referee: Mr J McGill (Liverpool).
Penalty: The Referee disallowed a Burnley goal and instead awarded a spot-kick following a scrimmage. The goal itself had in fact seen the ball punched into the net by a Burnley players. The referee spoke to both linesman and still got the decision wrong according to the Athletic News.
Position: 14th.