Burnley (H) 1895/96

Football League (183)- Monday 2 September 1895 at Molineux (Att 4,000)

Wolves (4) 5 (Wood 5, Malpass 10, Beats 40, Henderson 45, Wykes 81): Rose, Baugh, Dunn, Nurse, Malpass, Owen, Wykes, Henderson, Beats, Wood, Griffin.
Burnley (0) 1 (Hill 75): Napier, Reynolds, McLintock, W Place ‘snr’, Espie, Livingstone, Davidson, Stirling, Provan, W Place ‘jnr’, Hill.

Referee: Mr J Fox (Sheffield).
Order of Goals: W,W,W,W,b,W.
Players: The kick-off was delayed by twenty minutes because Burnley arrived at the ground with just ten players. Archie Livingstone arrived some thirty minutes after the kick-off after having been delayed by train in Manchester.
Landmark: Charlie Henderson & Billy Beats both nets their first Wolves goals on their debuts.
Position: 1st.