Burslem Port Vale (H) 1884/85 SC

Staffordshire Senior Cup (Second Round)- Saturday 13 December 1884 at Dudley Road

Wolves 2 (Lowder, Rowley (og)): I Griffiths, C Mason, T Cliff, Pearson, Baynton, Davidson, MacKelsey, Stanford, Lowder, Brodie, Brazier.
Burslem Port Vale 1 (Reynold): Rowley, Dain, Bateman, Poulson, Simpson, Powell, Page, Hood, Reynolds, Owen, Davies.

Referee: Page (Wednesbury Old Athletic).
The protest: Vale lodged a protest on the grounds that Stanford lived in Hanley which is more than the six miles from the town to which his club belongs. Wolves have infringed rule four of the association. A replay is untimely ordered.