Burslem Port Vale (H) 1889/90 F

Friendly- Saturday 21 September 1889 at Molineux (Att 2,000)

Wolves (4) 9 (Wood 2, Wood 5, Wykes*, Unknown*, Perry*, Unknown*, Unknown*, Unknown*, Unknown*): Moore, Baugh, Knight, Fletcher, J Mason, Lowder, Worrall, Perry, Wykes, Wood, Booth.
Burslem Port Vale (0) 0: Davies, Lowe, Poulson, McCindle, Elsom, Balham, McSkimming, McGinnis, Dichfield, Danks.

Referee: Mr Tillotson (Birmingham).
Players: Vale’s full-back George Bateman didn’t arrive so they had to play with just the ten players.