Chelsea (a) 1950/51

Wednesday 25 April 1951 at Stamford Bridge (Att 36,410)

Chelsea (2) 2 (Smith 9p, Armstrong 30): Robertson, Bathgate, Tickridge, Dickson, Saunders, Mitchell, Gray, Bentley, Smith, Armstrong, Jones.
Wolves (1) 1 (Swinbourne 5): Williams, Short, Pritchard, Crook, Shorthouse, Wright, Smith, Broadbent, Swinbourne, Walker, Mullen.

Referee: Mr H Pearce (Luton).
Order of Goal: W,c,c.
Penalty: Awarded for a foul by Billy Wright.
Re-Arranged: This match was originally postponed on March 10 because of Wolves involvement in the FA Cup semi-final.
Position: 14th.