Chelsea (N) 1963/64 Fr

Friendly- Monday 25 May at Pointe a Pierre, Trinidad (Att 25,000)

Wolves (0) 2 (le Flem 53, Knowles 70): Davies, Showell, Harris, Broadbent, Woodfield, Woodruff, Crowe, Knowles, Crawford, Melia, le Flem.
Chelsea (2) 3 (McCreadie 47, Bridges 57, Venables 88p): Dunn (Barron*), Hinton, A Harris, Hollins, Mortimore, R Harris, Bridges, Tambling, McCreadie, Venables, Brown.

Order of Goals: c,W,c,W,c.
Goalkeeper: Due to Chelsea stopper Peter Bonetti being unavailable the Pensioners did not a back up keeper. Stan Cullis gave special permission for Wolves keeper Jim Barron to play for Chelsea after an to Dunn forced him off.