Dutch FA (a) 1947/48 Fr

Friendly- Wednesday 12 May 1948 at Scijenoord Stadium, Rotterdam (Att 55,000)

Dutch FA (1) 2 (Wilkes 46, Lenstra*): Landman [Neptunus], Erlouw [DCV], Albers [Vitesses], van der Sluys [BVV], de Vroet [Feyenoord], van der Tuyn [Hermes DVS], Rijvers [NAC], Roozenberg [Neptunia], Wilkes [Xerxes], Clavan [Den Haag], Lenstra ([Heerenveen].
Wolves (3) 3 (Smith*, Mullen*, Pye*): Williams, Kelly, Pritchard, W Crook, Shorthouse, Chatham, Smith, Dunn, Pye, Smyth, Mullen.

Order of Goals: W,W,W,d,d,d.
Disturbance: Ten minutes from time pandemonium broke out after the Dutch had an equalizing goal disallowed. Fans threw cushions on to the pitch in protest.
Team: The Dutch XI were the unofficial Dutch national team.
Newspaper: There are reports suggesting Wolves goals were two by Jesse Pye and an own goal from van der Sluys.