Hednesford Town (H) 1892/93 BC

Birmingham Cup (Semi-final) Wednesday 5 April 1893 at Molineux (Att 2,000)

Wolves (8) 12 (Griffin*, Wood*, Griffin*, Griffin*, Wood*, Wykes*, Wood*, Wood*, Wood*, Butcher*, Wykes*, Butcher*); Halsall, Baugh, Swift, Davies, Allen, Kinsey, Woodhall, Wykes, Butcher, Wood, Griffin.
Hednesford Town (0) 1 (Rollins*): Marklew, Brough, Lyons, Adlington, Lomas, Millington, Oswell, Jones, Rollins, Francis, Smith.

Order of Goals: W,W,W,W,W,W,W,W,h,W,W,W,W.
Venue: This match should have been played on a neutral ground, but was played at Molineux so to get a bigger crowd. Molineux was also used as not to have to pay a commission for the use of a neutral ground. Hednesford consented to play the fixture at Molineux.