Middlesbrough Ironopolis (a) 1892/93

Friendly- Tuesday 3 January 1893 at Paradise Ground (Att 2,000)

Middlesbrough Ironopolis (2) 3 (Hill*, Scrummage*, Rushed*): Watts, Elliott, Langley, McNair, Nicholson, Oliver, Hill, Hughes, McArthur, McReddie (II), W McReddie.
Wolves (0) 1 (Butcher*): Rose, Baugh, Swift, Davies, Allen, Kinsey, Woodhall, Wykes, Butcher, Wood, Topham.

Order of Goals: m,m,m,W.
Protest: Half way through the first-half Wolves protested about the second goal being offside. Wolves ultimately agreed to play on.