Newcastle United (a) 1905/06

Saturday 11 November 1905 at St James’ Park (Att 15,000)

Newcastle United (5) 8 (Howie 8, Howie 31, Orr 36, Orr 41, Appleyard 44, Appleyard*, Appleyard 80, Veitch 86p): Lawrence, McCracken, McCombie, Gardner, Veitch, McWilliam, R Rutherford, Howie, Appleyard, Orr, Gosnell.
Wolves (0) 0: Baddeley, Jones, Stanley, Whitehouse, Goodall, James, Baynham, Layton, Wooldridge, Corfield, Breakwell.

Referee: Mr M McQueen (Liverpool).
Penalty: Awarded against Jack Whitehouse for a foul on Albert Gosnell.
Injury: Wolves lost the services of Billy Wooldridge at half-time.
Position: 15th.