Pre-Season Practice Matches 1924/25

Saturday 23 August 1924 at Molineux (At 7,000)

Stripes (1) 2 (O’Connor (2)): Hampton, Tyler, Shaw, Mitton, Starling, Bradford, Legge, O’Connor, Cox, Marson, Gummery.
Whites (1) 3 (Edwards, Phillipson, Lees): George, Watson, Timmins, Getgood, Caddick, Kay, Harrington, Bowen, Phillipson, Lees, Edwards.

Order of Goals: S,w,S,w,w.
Ground: Only the two ends of the ground were available due to the refurbishments. Only ground works was complete on the Waterloo Road stand and the Molineux Street stand was left for the players use.