Pre-Season Practice Matches 1958/59

Saturday 16 August 1958 at Molineux

Colours (2) 6 (Deeley 3, Mason 27 83, Horne 80, Clamp 84p, Jackson 88): Finlayson, Stuart, Harris, Flowers, Wright, Clamp, Deeley, Broadbent (Jackson HT), Murray, Mason, Horne.
Whites (3) 5 (Jackson 12 44, Henderson 34, Lill 55, Slater 64p): Sidebottom, Tether, Jones, Slater, Showell, Howells, Lill, Jackson (Broadbent HT), Henderson, Booth, Mullen.

Referee: Mr J Taylor (Wolverhampton).
Order of Goals: C,w,C,w,w,w,w,C,C,C,C.
Treble: Alan Jackson got an unusual hat-trick as he scored twice for the Whites and once for the Colours.