Pre-Season Practice Matches 1963/64

Saturday 17 August 1963 at Molineux (Att 4,765)

Colours (2) 3 (Crowe 30, Farmer 38, Hinton*): Davies, Showell, Thomson, Kirkham, Woodfield, Flowers, Crowe, Stobart (Wharton*), Farmer, Murray (Broadbent*), Hinton.
Whites (1) 1 (Wharton 20): Finlayson, J Harris, Knighton, Goodwin, Hawkins, Attwood, Wharton (Stobart*), Knowles, Galley, Broadbent (Barton*), Ford.

Un-used Substitute: Kemp.

Referee: Mr J Taylor (Wolverhampton).
Order of Goals: w,C,C,C.
Note: Terry Wharton who played for both side scored for the Whites and set up the thirst goal for the Colours.