Shrewsbury Castle Blues FC

Shrewsbury Castle Blues had a short history and there demise followed a number of matches that were violent by nature on and off the pitch. The first encounter in the Birmingham Cup on 17 November 1883 ended with Wolves netting ten and amongst the scorers was Jack Brodie who netted a hat-trick. Later that the same season on 12 April they met again, this time in the Wrekin Cup with Wolves winning by two goals from Arthur Lowder and Jack Brodie. The match though was replayed four week later after protest and again Wolves ran out comfortable winners with goals from Hadley and a brace each from Jack Griffiths and Brodie. Shrewsbury Town were formed indirectly following the demise of the Castle Blues.

Birmingham Cup
1883/84 (2) Home W 10-0
1885/86 (2) Away W 5-0
Wrekin Cup
1883/84 (SF) Home W 2-0
(R) Away W 5-0