Shrewsbury Town (a) 1968/69 Y

FA Youth Cup (First Round)- Monday 11 November 1968 at Gay Meadow

Shrewsbury Town (0) 0: Phillips, Bevan, Boucher, Marandola, Douglas, Tharme, Dalby, Hollis, Rogers, Healey, Embrey, Sub Saunders.
Wolves (5) 8 (McDonald*, W  Nicholls*, W Nicholls 16, Seal 36, W Nicholls*, McDonald*, Seal*, W Nicholls*): Arnold, Farrell, Stephens, Jackson, P Nicholls, Wadem, McDonald, Seal, W Nicholls, Molyneux, Riley, Subs Pepper.

Referee: Mr K Harris (Chester).
Penalty: Taken by Town’s Marandola and Saved by Rod Arnold who pushed his effort on to the post.