Small Heath (N) 1896/97 F

Friendly- Saturday 7 November 1896 at Crystal Palace (Att 2,000)

Wolves (0) 0: Tennant, Eccles, Dunn, Griffiths, Fleming, Owen, Tonks,  Pheasant, Miller, Black, Smith.
Small Heath (1) 2 (Farnell*, Hare*): Pointer, Lestyer, Pratt, Farnell, Leake, Walton, Inglis, Hsre, Robertson, Hodgson, Logan.

Referee: Lieut Simpson.
Under Strength: Wolves were missing Harry Wood, Malpass and Billy Beats. All were helping England beat Ireland in Belfast.
Weather: The crowd was expected to be much higher but the weather was cold and foggy.