Stockton (a) 1889/90 F

Friendly- Monday 7 April 1890 at Victoria Ground (Att 7,000)

Stockton (0) 1 (Baillie*):  Brown, Chatt, Welford, Hodgkiss, Baillie, Rothwell, Gray, Strachan, Burn, Mackay, Deakin.
Wolves (2) 3 (Wykes*, Worrall*, Wood*): Rose, Baugh, Tomkeys, Fletcher, Allen, Lowder, Wykes, Worrall, Brodie, Wood, Bowdler.

Referee: Mr P Huntingdon (Port Clarence).
Order of Goals: W,W,s,W.
Nine: Wolves were started and played the first fifteen minutes without Allen & Wood after they train arrived late from Scotland. They had been in Glasgow represented England.