Stoke (H) 1893/94

Football League (135)- Saturday 25 November 1893 at Molineux (Att 4,000)

Wolves (3) 4 (Butcher*, Butcher*, Butcher*, Wood*): Rose, Baugh, Swift, Griffiths, Allen, Kinsey, Edge, Griffin, Butcher, Wood, Black.
Stoke (1) 2 (Sawyers*, Schofield*): A Evans, Clare, Dickson, Christie, Dowds, Brodie, Naughton, Sawers, Robertson, McReddie, Schofield.

Referee: Mr F Norris (Bolton).
Order of Goals: s,W,W,W,s,W,W
Newspaper: Some reports have Edge and Arthur Griffin scoring for Wolves and not Joe Butcher with four.
Late Goal: Due to the bad light the match was abandoned three minutes from time. As the referee was blowing up Wolves scored their fifth. The shot believed to be taken by Butcher and taken after the referee blew the whistle was allowed and added to the result by Mr Norris. The official later changed his mind and said he`d blown for time before that goal. Norris was later cautioned by the Football League for arriving late. It led to the League requiring referees to report the result of their games, with a note of any exceptional events that occurred.
Eyewitness Report of Weather: The light which had never been good this half, began to lower with very surprising alacrity, thanks to great drifting banks of smoky clouds from the black country furnaces.
Landmark: Bob Edge makes his Wolves and League debuts.
Position: 10th.