Stoke (H) 1896/97

Football League (219)- Saturday 10 October 1896 at Molineux (Att 4,000)

Wolves (1) 1 (Owen 25p): Tennant, Bunch, Dunn, Griffiths, Malpass, Owen, Tonks, Pheasant, Beats, Wood, Miller.
Stoke (1) 2 (Wood 20, Schofield 60): W Rowley, Clare, Eccles, Boullimier, Simpson, A Rowley, Johnson, A Maxwell, Wood, W Maxwell, Schofield.

Referee: Mr W Gilgryst (Manchester).
Order of Goals: s,W,s.
Penalty: Awarded for a push on Ted Pheasant.
Landmark: Stoke’s Arthur Rowley was making his debut.
Newspaper: Some reports have Willie Maxwell as scoring Stoke’s first goal.
Position: 13th.