Sunderland (a) 1892/93

Football League (113)- Monday 2 January 1893 at Newcastle Road (Att 6,000)

Sunderland (4) 5 (D Hannah*, J Hannah 15, Miller*, J Hannah*, J Hannah 47): Doig, Porteous, Smellie, Wilson, Auld, Gibson, Gillespie, Harvey, Miller, D Hannah, J Hannah.
Wolves (1) 2 (Topham 10, Wood 46): Rose, Baugh, Swift, Davies, Allen, Kinsey, Woodhall, Wykes, Butcher, Wood, Topham.

Referee: Mr J Lewis (Blackburn).
Order of Goals: W,s,s,s,s,W,s.
Newspaper: The Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette have Harry Allen as netted Wolves first goal and Jimmy Hannah also netted the North Easterners first to take his total to four.
Team Affairs: The following Thursday the Committee say there had been dissension had appeared amongst the Wolverhampton Wanderers. They were also dissatisfied with the play of Charlie Baker and Will Devey and both had severed their connection with the club.
Position: 5th.