The Wednesday (H) 1890/91 F

Friendly- Monday 20 October 1890 at Molineux (Att 1,500)

Wolves (2) 3 (Unknown (3)): Griffiths, Knight, Maso, Fletcher, Allen, H Griffiths, Wykes, Booth, Worrall, Wood, Bowdler.
Wednesday (3) 3 (Woolhouse*, Unknown*, Brown*): Smith, Brayshaw, Thompson, Cawley, Betts, Dungworth, Mumford, Ingram, Brown, Woolhouse, Hodder.

Referee: Mr Icke (Walsall).
Order of Goals: W,w,w,W,w,W.
Injury: Wednesday keeper was injured and replaced by Brayshaw after just two minutes. He came came back only to go off again before half-time.
Late Finish: It became to dark to report on the end of the match.